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Removals [17 Feb 2014|10:56am]

We will be moving house shortly and will require the services of a big removals van (as opposed to a Man with Van option). Does anyone have any recommendations - or horror stories of companies to avoid? We are in the Stockport area.
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Wedding Invites... [10 Nov 2012|03:49pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey everybody,

We've been severely let down by the lady who was supposed to be making our wedding invites. So good news is, we're keen to give the business to someone local to Greater Manchester, bad news is, we want the invites in the next couple of weeks. However, we can collect them and have the design/links to examples (they should look like a gig ticket!) in mind and will pay more for a quick response.

Anyone got any recommendations/friends up to the task? Let me know, ta!

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Chinese Buffet [12 Oct 2012|11:11am]


Looking for suggestions of a good Chinese buffet in Mamchester, I've recently been to Tai Wu and used to love there oriental buffet downstairs but there now just doing a world buffet upstairs which was good but not as good as downstairs was. So I'm looking for a place that just does Chinese not world. Any help or recommendations then I thank you in advance


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[24 Jul 2012|05:58pm]

can anybody recommend somewhere to go for a 12 strong hen party on Saturday night? it's my sisters hen do and she likes pop music/cheese/ etc. as a satans hollow kind of girl myself I don't know where to suggest other than the printworks but iv heard its pretty expensive? any suggestions would be much appreciated! xx
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Tai Wu and Oriental Buffet [13 Jul 2012|01:11am]


Does anyone know when it reopens? Thanks in advance for info

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Spare Garbage Ticket - Manchester Academy - Tuesday 3rd July [02 Jul 2012|08:42am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

1 spare ticket goimg, first come, first served basis at face value of £27.50. Can meet outside venue or in Manchester on the day to give you ticket, any questions, let us know, ta!


Bruce Springsteen at MEN Arena [22 Jun 2012|01:12pm]


Anyone want 2 tickets for tonight's gig? £50 for the pair face value is £55. I can meet someone in town?

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HOUSEMATE WANTED! [17 Jun 2012|03:05pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

So, if anyone knows anyone who might be interested in moving into a central Chorlton houseshare at the end of June, rent is £300 plus roughly £50 bills a month.

The room is decent sized with a sink and round the quieter back of the house. The location is superb and is less than five minutes walk from the bars in the centre (Dulcimer etc), the shopping centre and the Metrolink/bus stations.

Housemates are 3 lads and 1 girl aged between 24 and 28, all working normal-ish office hours during the week plus 1 Masters student.

We can do viewings most days, any questions or declarations of interest, just get in touch and say what you think, cheers!


Airport Parking [18 May 2012|01:38pm]


Has anyone ever used the airport parking at Manchester airport? I've been quoted £35.99 for jetparks 3 and I'm flying from terminal 2. I've got 2 young boys so I'm wondering if it'll be suitable. Thanks in advance for any help

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Tourism [15 May 2012|12:14pm]

Hey guys,

I have a friend from San Francisco who'll be dropping by our fine city as part of a European trip and, well, we don't really have much tourism type stuff, do we? More of a "hey, we used to be quite a big deal during the industrial revolution" type vibe. So what do I do with her for three days? A pub lunch at Castlefield locks and an evening drink at Matt & Phred's will only kill so much time.
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Short term housing in Manchester [11 Apr 2012|02:38pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

Hey everybody, quick question - does anyone know where we can get somewhere to live short-term in Manchester? My boyfriend's new job requires him to do a three month training course in Manchester, but we can't find anywhere that rents places out for three months.

(We've looked at both holiday lets and houseshares, and I keep going "£400 a WEEK? We could rent a HOUSE for a MONTH with that money!" and he has escaped the world of houseshares and never wants to go back. This is part of why we're having trouble.)

Does anyone have any ideas on where to look? Or at least which estate agents don't start shaking their heads as soon as you say "really short term lets"?

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Base Bar [23 Mar 2012|02:08am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know if Base Bar:


Is still open or not? It's been closed a couple of times when I've gone by recently but it does have odd opening hours.

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Casinos [03 Dec 2011|09:55pm]

Heya, can anyone personally recommend a Casino in Manchester/Stockport please? Something non-dingy, newbie/touristy friendly kind of thing? Should have blackjack, roulette and poker at least.. but I can't think any casino would lack these things.

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[27 Nov 2011|11:13pm]

I'm doing some business studies and for my project I need to know about business properties for sale in CENTRAL Manchester.

I've trolled the internet for places suitable to be turned in to a diner/large cafe but can't seem to come up with anything.

I know this is a long shot, but has anyone happened to see any on their travels around the city centre?


Foody gifts [26 Nov 2011|09:34am]

Hello everyone!

 This year I am broke... extremely broke due to
starting a new, very badly paid job and general rubbishness so instead
of buying people gifts they'll never use I'll be making home made gifts.
I love to cook and take great enjoyment from it, so I'd like to give my
friends and family something I would want and hopefully they'll enjoy
and use. I've got a couple of questions regarding home made items and
wondered if anyone could help!?

Christmas Cake

been wanting to make a rich fruit christmas cake for a few years now
and decided to give it a go this weekend, although it's not something I
tend to eat at Christmas it's something I know my family (especially my
Dad) would enjoy as a gift. My problem is I've no idea which recipe to
follow, some say to add 4 eggs, some say 6 (the variations are quite
vast). From asking around I've been told the best way to start the cake
is to soak the dried fruit in brandy, whiskey or sherry overnight as
this makes it more moist and to feed the cake each week until it's time
to decorate.Has anyone here ever attempted a Christmas Cake? Any tips or

Tomato Ketchup

I plan on making my
own batch of homemade tomato ketchup and wondered if it's ok to use
tinned tomatoes in stead of fresh? the supermarket I buy my weekly shop
have great deals on tinned tomatoes at the moment so I wondered if this
would work out ok.

If you make tinned/ canned products and give
them as gifts or just eat yourself, which are you favourite? This year
I've already made a batch of spicy mango chutney, and I plan on making
pickled sweet onions, caramalised onions, piccalilli, blackberry jam and
rich butter shortbread.
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Do you like to sing? [26 Aug 2011|06:32pm]

Opera Seria, Manchester's newest opera company, is looking for chorus members!

It's a great way to meet people - especially for anyone who's just moved up to the area on the back of the BBC relocation.

We’re putting together the programme for our 5th November Gala Launch Concert, which will feature a couple of small pieces from the chorus along with a number of solos performed by the cast of the upcoming production of Anna Bolena.

You don't have to be an opera singer to sing in the chorus!

We want our chorus to be made up of people from all walks of life, with different musical experiences. All we ask is that you bring along a bit of enthusiasm and a desire to sing with us!

If you want to try us out before committing to a full production, come sing in the concert. We’ll hold a couple relaxed and informal rehearsals prior to the concert, and you can have a chance to sing with us. Better yet - it's free to get involved!

Drop us an email to get more info on joining this fun and friendly group!


Fundraising..... [06 Aug 2011|09:57pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Myself and teenagedethgrrl have started a new scheme in Manchester that hopes to generate a total of £25000 for good causes over the next 12 months. We will be raising much needed funds for schools, sports clubs, charities, youth groups and other good causes across Greater Manchester.

If you are involved with any good cause that needs some extra funding then please get in touch becuase I am sure that we can help you out. Drop us an email with a few details of the good cause and we will get back to you.

Feel free to spread this around to other people that you know that might be interested.

3 love manchester

[20 Jul 2011|11:05am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everybody!

Anyone interested (or know anyone else interested) in moving into a Houseshare in Chorlton? It's a double room in a newly refurbished terrace, available at the end of the month, £300 a month plus bills with 5 amazing housemates!

If you want any more information, reply here or message me, please! Thanks!


Help needed [28 Jun 2011|08:29pm]


Hey guys I have a question I hope you can help with. I currently live in a residential area near a small industrial estate, now on this industrial estate us a fenced grassy area where two large guard dogs roam at night. Now the problem is every time a car drives past they start barking and this goes on all night! Who do I complain to at my local council? TIA

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