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We will be moving house shortly and will require the services of a big removals van (as opposed to a Man with Van option). Does anyone have any recommendations - or horror stories of companies to avoid? We are in the Stockport area.
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Wedding Invites...

Hey everybody,

We've been severely let down by the lady who was supposed to be making our wedding invites. So good news is, we're keen to give the business to someone local to Greater Manchester, bad news is, we want the invites in the next couple of weeks. However, we can collect them and have the design/links to examples (they should look like a gig ticket!) in mind and will pay more for a quick response.

Anyone got any recommendations/friends up to the task? Let me know, ta!
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Chinese Buffet

Looking for suggestions of a good Chinese buffet in Mamchester, I've recently been to Tai Wu and used to love there oriental buffet downstairs but there now just doing a world buffet upstairs which was good but not as good as downstairs was. So I'm looking for a place that just does Chinese not world. Any help or recommendations then I thank you in advance


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can anybody recommend somewhere to go for a 12 strong hen party on Saturday night? it's my sisters hen do and she likes pop music/cheese/ etc. as a satans hollow kind of girl myself I don't know where to suggest other than the printworks but iv heard its pretty expensive? any suggestions would be much appreciated! xx
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So, if anyone knows anyone who might be interested in moving into a central Chorlton houseshare at the end of June, rent is £300 plus roughly £50 bills a month.

The room is decent sized with a sink and round the quieter back of the house. The location is superb and is less than five minutes walk from the bars in the centre (Dulcimer etc), the shopping centre and the Metrolink/bus stations.

Housemates are 3 lads and 1 girl aged between 24 and 28, all working normal-ish office hours during the week plus 1 Masters student.

We can do viewings most days, any questions or declarations of interest, just get in touch and say what you think, cheers!
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Hey guys,

I have a friend from San Francisco who'll be dropping by our fine city as part of a European trip and, well, we don't really have much tourism type stuff, do we? More of a "hey, we used to be quite a big deal during the industrial revolution" type vibe. So what do I do with her for three days? A pub lunch at Castlefield locks and an evening drink at Matt & Phred's will only kill so much time.