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Foody gifts

Hello everyone!

 This year I am broke... extremely broke due to
starting a new, very badly paid job and general rubbishness so instead
of buying people gifts they'll never use I'll be making home made gifts.
I love to cook and take great enjoyment from it, so I'd like to give my
friends and family something I would want and hopefully they'll enjoy
and use. I've got a couple of questions regarding home made items and
wondered if anyone could help!?

Christmas Cake

been wanting to make a rich fruit christmas cake for a few years now
and decided to give it a go this weekend, although it's not something I
tend to eat at Christmas it's something I know my family (especially my
Dad) would enjoy as a gift. My problem is I've no idea which recipe to
follow, some say to add 4 eggs, some say 6 (the variations are quite
vast). From asking around I've been told the best way to start the cake
is to soak the dried fruit in brandy, whiskey or sherry overnight as
this makes it more moist and to feed the cake each week until it's time
to decorate.Has anyone here ever attempted a Christmas Cake? Any tips or

Tomato Ketchup

I plan on making my
own batch of homemade tomato ketchup and wondered if it's ok to use
tinned tomatoes in stead of fresh? the supermarket I buy my weekly shop
have great deals on tinned tomatoes at the moment so I wondered if this
would work out ok.

If you make tinned/ canned products and give
them as gifts or just eat yourself, which are you favourite? This year
I've already made a batch of spicy mango chutney, and I plan on making
pickled sweet onions, caramalised onions, piccalilli, blackberry jam and
rich butter shortbread.
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